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Helpful Directions On How To Write A Good Nursing Research Paper

Unlike other thesis writing, nursing research is considered to be an intricate job by most of the students. When they are supposed to write a research paper on such topics, they ponder on various subjects like- What is scholarly article writing style? Which style to be followed?

  • How should be the content?
  • What kind of references is appropriate?
  • What topic should be chosen and how?

These questions create lot of anxiety among the students. No matter if you are an undergraduate student or a student of post graduation, the basic guidelines will be same for all of them. Check them out-

  • Nursing paper writing style: Go through the guidelines provided by your school or college instructors. This is must to be considered. No rule and regulation will fit if your instructor does not want to comply by the ones written on web. Usually, APA, MLA and Chicago style of writing are preferred by the researchers. Have a look and consult various formatting rules. Go through the guidelines of relevant writing style. Focus in terms of paper margins, fonts used, spacing, alignment, paragraph indentation, pagination etc. In most of the cases, APA format is preferred by maximum professors while writing such topics.
  • How to choose the topic? Refer different types of resources- the scholarly research articles, journals, articles that usually stay in limelight and have scope of research left with them. Ensure that the topic is neither very vast nor very restrictive, but fits well in terms of your word limit. Choose a catchy subject and think in terms of your target audience.
  • Reference Materials: The content on the relevant topics can be extracted from a variety of resources. It includes books from online and offline library. Apart from that check out various articles, blogs, journals, books of publishers, scholarly articles and videos, content from neighborhood libraries, school and college libraries. You will get unlimited information at these places. Only thing required is the proper organization and writing the content after proper planning.
  • The steps of writing: An interesting beginning, a proper body paragraphs with supportive evidences and a relevant conclusion are the basic parts of any good nursing thesis. Apart from that you need to consider proper format that includes the step by step list like-
    • Writing the title page
    • The abstract
    • The introduction
    • The literature review
    • Methods employed
    • Result
    • Discussion
    • Bibliography
    • Appendices

These guidelines are sufficient in them to make you write a flawless piece.