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The Best Political Science Topics For Writing A Research Paper

Political Science is a greatly exciting field. It covers just about everything under the sun and that may be the very reason students find it hard to select a topic for their research paper.

Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, your course is likely to require a research paper so there is no getting around it. Unless in some cases where other academic work may get you an exemption.

A big problem with selecting a topic is that while you may have an idea of which area you want to explore and analyze, it might pose some difficulty distilling it down to a question and formulating a hypothesis.

Here is a compilation of some of the best topics found after a lot of “research.” Hope this helps narrow down the field somewhat.

  • Human Rights abuse and the war on terror
  • Globalization’s impact on citizenship
  • The effects of media on elections
  • Politics of Foreign Direct Investment
  • Political impact of the 2008 collapse of economy
  • Is the global drug trade a contributor in wars?
  • Foreign policy and immigration
  • Politics of Poverty
  • Scarcity of food: Is it real?
  • Political consequences of increasing unemployment rates
  • Political Violence
  • Political changes after 9/11
  • Does the USA need a third political party?
  • Is a third political party possible in the USA?
  • Political impact of US-Iraq war
  • What does the absence of Wads in Iraq indicate?
  • Politics of feminism
  • Does Quantitative Easing improve the political outlook of economy?

These and many other topics can be formulated into a research paper question. The categories to search for your research topic in are:

  • Political Parties
  • Political figures
  • Political Movements
  • Political economy
  • Public Policy
  • Governance
  • International relations

Each one of the above has subcategories where you can be more specific. For instance, under International Relations

  • Relations with Europe
  • China
  • The Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia

Under Public Policy:

  • Health care reforms
  • Trade Policy
  • Tax Policy

Once you find out what area of study in Political science you are interested in, and have narrowed it down to a subcategory, things become simpler. Think about a question related to the subcategory that is rich in possibilities and look for recently published work on the topic.

It can be extremely rewarding if it is something relevant to the current political scene. For example, Health reforms are hot cake right now. So is the rising cost of living.

The trick is to combine your interest with the common interest and run with it!