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How To Write A Research Paper Outline In The Apa Format

Largely used in the pursuit of scientific research, the American Psychological Association has drafted their own way to cite academic topics for one’s research paper. The following steps should be taken when writing a paper in APA format. Although this list is not the end all, be all; it does offer some great insight into the basics of a standard formatted paper:

  • Title Page
  • Citations
  • Header
  • Citation Page

Title Page

All APA formatted papers need to have a title page. On the title page a researcher must name the topic of their paper along with the course that is being instructed, the professor, institution and day the paper is turned in. along with anything else the professor specifically asks of the title page. Headers are also important to the title page and will be discussed later.


Some websites, such as Purdue Owl, offer those writing papers a step by step analysis of citation methods. Other sites, such as Citation Machine, offer a quick alternative to plug and chug the information that needs to be cited and formats it for you. One of the most important things to remember when citing a paper is how it is formatted within the body of the text to include (Last Name, year). Using a pocket guidebook will also help you format the paper properly once it is finished being written.


A running head is standard in APA format and is called a running head. The running head must be on each page also to include a page number to keep track of how long a paper is. Initially, a running head is different than the rest of the body of an article because it must distinguish what the name of the running head is. An example of this would be Running Head: DISCRIMINATION. The subsequent pages to follow would simply have the page number in the right hand corner and the world DISCRIMINATION in the left as to be preceding the page number when read from left to right.

Citation Page

With any research work, a page dedicated solely to the citation of one’s research is needed last to prove proper research has been conducted for this topic. This also allows the instructor to scan the paper ensuring that nothing has been plagiarized. Students should follow the proper citations of their works citing by utilizing websites such as the Purdue Owl or their pocket handbook that was written solely for the construction of APA papers.