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A Manual For Composing Topics For An Argumentative Research Paper

You cannot write a great argumentative research paper if you do not have a great topic. In this type of writing, you should not only analyze the facts and reasons provided by other authors, but also choose a side and support your own opinion. It takes some time to develop a unique concept for your paper, so follow the simple guidelines below and come up with an outstanding idea for your research.

  1. Consider your own interests; do not try to choose something unfamiliar.
  2. The best pieces of writing are prepared when an author somehow values the subject and want to learn it in detail. What are some things that you want to consider? Usually, argumentative research papers represent two or three sides of an issue. Therefore, after you choose an idea for your research, you should check whether it is debatable and what kind of arguments you need to defend your point of view.

  3. Choose a side that represents your position.
  4. If you are familiar with the subject, it should be easy for you to choose a side. Some preliminary literary research might be helpful so can find out whether you have enough details to support your side.

  5. Look for some examples of good arguments.
  6. Your paper should be based on arguments, and the best arguments are based on facts. It makes sense to find good examples of argumentative thesis statements and learn how other writers have developed their key points. You should also check the reliability of the sources that you plan to use to support your position.

  7. Write your draft and revise the topic.
  8. When you have an initial idea, you should write a draft and check whether it works out for you. In many cases, students write their drafts and then change their topics because they find out that they provided poor arguments, supported the wrong side, or found their writing to be ordinary and boring.

The list below contains some sample topics to consider if you have to write an argumentative research paper:

  1. Video games help people reduce stress and relax.
  2. Every adult person should hold a university degree.
  3. Electric cars are the solution to air pollution problems in big cities.
  4. Global warming raises the yields of main crops worldwide.
  5. Life-long learning is required for career success.
  6. Only sports help people lose weight effectively.
  7. It is reasonable to drill for oil and gas in protected areas.
  8. Big cities should preserve old buildings and historical monuments.
  9. The legalization of abortion is wrong.
  10. People should work less than 40 hours per week.