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In Search Of Quality Research Paper Help: Tips For High School Students

If you are still in high school and need help in attempting your first serious research paper, here are a few suggestions that may help you:

  • Get together a group of friends to work with you
  • Studying, doing homework or conducting research with others can be an excellent way to combine two activities, socializing and learning. You will feel more encouraged to complete your paper and if your friends understand any parts of the process better than you, they can explain them to you. Just remember to only invite people who are serious about academics.

  • Take part in a MOOC about research
  • This is a large online course that is usually free. You can sign up to one and access lectures, videos, forums and quizzes that help you to understand anything you need to know. As a bonus, you will also be able to access a certificate that explains your progress.

  • Borrow a related text from a library
  • Before there were online resources students still had projects to do and they found ways to do them. Libraries were much more popular back then and while they may not be your first choice nowadays, you can still gain valuable information from the books you find there. Ask the librarian for a textbook about research methods and you may be presented with several.

  • Ask to speak to your teacher about your problems with the paper
  • Sometimes the issues that are preventing you from understanding your assignment are so fundamental that you should ask your teacher to clarify them before you go any further. This is not always easy, especially if your teacher does not have much free-time or does not like to answer students’ questions outside of regular hours. If it is an option however, it is definitely one you should take.

  • Hire a tutor to walk you through the process
  • The good thing abut a tutor is that he or she will slowly explain the problems you may be having and not try to rush through explanations for anyone else’s benefit. You will have one on one attention and if at any point you need to review something, no one will try to stop you. This method is very good for shy students or those who progress at a rate that is very different from the rest of their class.

If you get over your problems with papers now, by college they will be old memories.