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Getting Help With Choosing Biology Topics For A Research Paper: Tips And Tricks For Students

When students sign up for biology classes, they are not usually expecting their instructors to assign research papers. This means that when those paper are assigned, students are confused about what type of topics that should investigate. Students who want to write usually take literature and writing classes, not biology. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks to help students find interesting topics for their biology research papers.

Search Your Textbook for Starting Ideas

One of the best places to get inspiration for a research paper is the textbook. You will be able to look at all of the topics that your instructor can cover. By looking through the index or the table of contents, you can find the broad topics that would be appropriate for narrowing. While a research paper about a topic as broad as cells could be tough to complete, a narrowed topic about cells and active transport will be easier to craft.

Look Online for Narrowed Ideas

After you have some topic ideas from your textbook, the next place to look is online. There are many places that you can look for narrowed topics that have hypotheses that you can argue and develop. Many of the best biology research paper are arguable and can be completed in under 10 pages. Some good places to search are collegiate course syllabi because they will often have research paper ideas as well as course schedules.

Check Blogs for More Suggestions

You can also look for topics on blogs about biology research papers. Many people enjoy writing about biology and their love can be your gain. You might not like everything that the blogger has created, but you should be able to find something inspirational that you could alter for your own project.

Develop a Hypothesis for a Quality Paper

Biology includes an immense amount of topics; but when it comes to writing a research paper, a topic is not enough. The topic has to be narrowed so a hypothesis can be developed and thoroughly argued. Here are a few topics that you can be developed into interesting research papers:

  • How can biology affect psychological disorders like depression or bipolar disorder?
  • What can be done at the cellular level to treat genetic disorders?
  • What are the latest developments in nanotechnology for human medicine?
  • How do genetically modified foods alter humans at the cellular level?