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A List of Successful Economics Research Paper Topics

You cannot write a successful economics research paper if you do not have a good topic. Though numerous online manuals provide many helpful tips on how to select the right topic, thousands of students do not know what they should do. In fact, only practice makes perfect. Therefore, you should write more essays, research papers, and other assignments; and eventually, you will learn how to come up with the best topics. Meanwhile, learn one of the most popular kinds of help that students often use; they look through lists of good economics research paper topics.

A good example always fosters your creativity and helps you come up with your own ideas. However, you should keep in mind that economics research papers often require research of a current situation. Some topical economic issues change frequently and influence society significantly. Though some of them have less obvious economic involvements, they are related to traditional economics and can be resolved using economic approaches and techniques.

  1. Games of luck:
  2. It is interesting to study what effects gambling has on local and state economies. Lotteries are very popular, so they bring in significant amounts of money.

  3. Effects of immigration:
  4. Immigration debates seem endless. Without a doubt, it affects the economy of the United States and changes economic opportunities of the local residents.

  5. Problems of poverty:
  6. Who is responsible for the problem of poverty? What is poverty called in different countries? How does poverty influence economic development?

  7. Economics of healthcare:
  8. How do economics influence the healthcare system? Why can’t millions of people afford health insurance? These questions are urgent in developed, as well as in developing economies.

  9. Causes of great economic crises:
  10. You can hardly find a person who has not heard about the Great Depression. However, many other global economic crises changed whole countries. It is interesting to find out what causes such situations, and how economists can predict the consequences of significant economic changes.

  11. Impacts of outsourcing:
  12. Outsourcing has a huge impact on modern economies. It helps companies save costs, and therefore customers can cut their expenses. Additionally, millions of people can work the way they want and earn enough money for living expenses.

  13. Minimum wage:
  14. The minimum wage varies significantly in different countries. Economists claim that the rate of minimum wage influences local and state economies. What are the positive and negative aspects involved in raising minimum wage rates? How do these changes influence employers, employees, and customers?