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The Top 25 Psychology Topics For Your Next Research Paper

Throughout the quarter, many professors like to assign psychology essays. By requiring a research paper, they force students to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year. Writing an essay can actually be better for the student's grade than taking another exam. Instead of being placed on the spot, students have time to develop their argument, research and edit their writing. With an essay, each student is able to exercise a heightened ability to control the outcome. Through proper editing, they can create an essay that improves their overall grade in the class.

The key to getting a good grade on the essay is to start early. Conducting research and finding sources can take up a significant portion of the student's time. If they want to achieve an A+ on the research paper, they should begin the research process as soon as the assignment is handed out. To begin the research paper, students should consider some of the following topic ideas for psychology papers.

  1. Create a Psychological Profile of a Famous Individual Such as Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. Depression's Role in First-World Nations
  3. Write About the Ethics of Milgram's Obedience Experiment
  4. Perception of Time in Different Cultures
  5. The Creation of False memories
  6. How Phobias Develop and How They Can Be Managed
  7. Use of Psychological Propaganda During War Time
  8. Profile a Specific Therapy Like Psychoanalysis
  9. The Reflection of an Individual's Psychological State in Their Dreams
  10. Psychological Factors in Childhood Bullying
  11. Process of Language Acquisition
  12. Genetic Component of Dementia
  13. Effects of Technology on Attention Spans
  14. Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse
  15. Social Cognition
  16. Prenatal Development and the Brain
  17. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Addiction Rehabilitation
  18. Psychological Techniques Used in Television Advertisements
  19. Ways to Promote Pro-Social Behavior
  20. Cults and the Role of Social Control
  21. Psychological Basis of Attachment Parenting
  22. Risk Factors for Autism
  23. Communication Differences Between the Genders
  24. Emotional Intelligence and Career Success

Before starting the research paper, students should read the instructions closely. Some professors will require certain essay topics or subject areas. If the student selects a non-approved topic, they may be forced to rewrite the essay later on. Since this takes up valuable research time, it should be avoided at all-costs. When in doubt, students can always ask their professor if the topic is appropriate before they begin researching it.