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How To Come Up With Excellent Research Paper Topics On Education

Since you are a school student, it’s not really hard to come up with a research paper topic on education. If you think really hard, you can come up with at least a few issues that you are faced with in education. You can do some research on those topics or you can choose from the list that I am about to give you. When you are doing any research paper, you want to make sure that you do really good research on the subject and make it interesting. You don’t want to lose the reader or get a bad grade because you were too lazy to do all of the research.

Research Paper Topics On Education

  • No Child Left Behind is a program that was implemented by the President of the United States and it is suppose to help kids learn better but what are the standards and how is it really helping kids. You can examine every guideline and rule in this program and see how it really works.
  • Online education has become very popular in the last ten years and schools that offer online classes are popping up year. Is online education just as good and going on campus or has online education made life easier for students with lives?
  • Students loans have been slowly increasing almost every year and because of this many students are opting out of going to Ivy League schools and staying at community colleges. Is it the schools fault for this or is it the government because they are the ones that keep raising rates.
  • There is a shortage of teachers today and most people think this is because of the teacher salary. Some teacher make less than twenty thousand dollars a year, which can be tight as a single person, let along a teacher with a family. Is this the reason that more people aren’t becoming teachers or is there another reason for the shortage.
  • Literacy is one the most important things that we learn in school but most students are so far behind on the subject that it is hard to tell what is causing it. Is it the way we teach our kids how to read? Does the Internet and messaging have a role in it? Why is it most students don’t read at their grade level? You want to look statistics and other data that has been collected on the subject to find the best research for this one.