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A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An MLA Format Research Paper

While you are in high school, you will have to write research papers all the time. No matter the course or the teacher you need to know how to follow instructions and how to put your ideas on paper. The MLA style is the most popular one, so as a good student you need to understand and follow its requirements. Luckily for you, the rules are quite simple and once you learn the basics, you will never have problems again. This is a comprehensive guide for you:

  • Find a good topic. The first thing that you have to think about is the topic that you will write about. This is what can make the difference between a good and a bad composition, and this is what will matter for your teacher the most. When you choose the subject make sure that not only you, but also your colleagues will be interested in it. Build an outline. This will make it very easy to write the composition, and you will not forget any important idea. Besides, for an MLA composition you will have to attach the outline at the end of the paper. In this way your teacher will find any chapter in quick way, and the overall appearance will be improved.
  • Create a references page. Although this is not required by all teacher, it’s always good to go the extra mile for your assignment. Make sure that you mention every quote, author or book that you might have discussed about in your composition. Most of the students choose to attach the references page at the end of the project, and this is generally the best thing to do.
  • Pay attention to editing. For a good assignment you will have to follow strict instructions regarding the font, the size, the spacing and the alignment of the text. If you forget these things your teacher will think that you don’t focus on your assignments, and you will not have any chance to take the maximum marks.
  • Proofread it. This is one of the most important rules that you need to follow regardless the style that you will use. After everything is done, take a few minutes to read the composition again and make sure that you did not miss anything important. Asking for feedback from a colleague is also a good idea.