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How To Present The Review Of Literature In A Research Paper

The word literature covers a very broad variety of written text, all of them considered to be the same type of information storage, whether fact or fiction. Performing research on this topic can take many routes and can be quite an interesting experience, especially if you would like to be completely thorough in your investigation. Dividing it into the different types and compare them to each other in detail is the best course of action. In the following points I will outline all the areas I consider worthy of investigation for a research paper on literature:

  1. Fictional and fantasy
  2. There are many types or writing, each with its own appeal and usage. Considering the places and ideas that fantasy and fictional pieces have tried to convey onto the world is a worthy course of investigation, it sheds light on the human heart as well as on literary expression.

  3. Adult content and romance
  4. This may be a partially secretive side of the the literary world and investigation into why this is so could prove quite interesting. Why is it that these texts are considered improper in certain circles when all they depict is honest acts of human interaction and love?

  5. Historical works
  6. There are many books that come from a time present day humans know nothing of, though, a few of these text are used to define our culture and beliefs. How is it that some books can be so powerful while others are simply treated as data or inaccurate? Are we simply more attracted to things speaking of the super natural or is there some reason behind our staunch belief in religious doctrine?

  7. Scientific texts
  8. Often quite cut and dry in their presentation, these texts attempt to educate the world about certain facts of nature and reality and are often met with much debate, which is the nature of the scientific method. How are these texts different from the rest?

  9. Futuristic books of the past
  10. Exploration into the minds of generations before us is always interesting. Many authors have created vibrant stories of how they predict our future would be and exploring these ideas can be quite entertaining and enlightening.

  11. Pieces that haven been proven wrong.
  12. An author can write anything they wish in a book and it is up to the reader to believe or disbelieve what they say. Throughout history, many claims have been made in writing that drastically altered our actions, only to be proven wrong at a later date.