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Guide To Proper Usage Of Graph Database In A Research Paper

Graph Databases are famously referred to as the ‘futuristic DBMS’. It has revolutionized the representation of data and information in the papers, where the basic and former norm was to represent information in form of tabular columns. Graph databases help incorporate a structured data layout with a dynamic schema. Here, the graph stores data in the form of node and each node is connected in such a way that one node of information points to the next node of information in form of lines or edges in the graph.

There graph database has become a popular means of data representation on just papers but also on numerous online platforms as well. When using a graph database for study, there are some guidelines that are to be kept in mind.

  • Management of the Graph- When using the graph, one needs to understand there is a dynamic schema present, which will call for updates and improvements in the data stored. In order to ensure the effective storage of information, define the structure of the graph beforehand itself. Defining here means explaining the properties of the nodes. Through proper management of the graph database, we are ensuring that the representation of the database in the paper is immaculate.
  • Operations- Graph database helps in analyzing the working of the research and optimizing the productivity. This can only be achieved if there is clarity which gives due importance to the investigation. And here clarity can be gotten through defining the relationship between nodes. Like nodes, relationships too have properties. Relationships are the connecting factors between nodes and help in structuring them as well. In the paper, each such relationship must have a label that will help in the representation of the operation in clear clarity.
  • Analysis-When the analysis of the graph database is carried out, it must provide a comprehensive and clear indication behind the objective of the research being done. The graph database represents the overall quality of the research. It overall represents the entire work done in a single flow of understanding. Through the clearly defined nodes and the relationship properties amongst two nodes, a graph database can be analyzed instantaneously. When preparing a graph database, one must try to keep in mind to not make it complex or confusing. It must be simple, clear and precise. And best represented as diagrams.