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Coming Up With A Strong Finance Topic For A Research Paper

Many students find that one of the hardest parts of writing a research paper on a topic like finance is coming up with a good paper topic. Perhaps your teacher or professor has given you some guidance on a topic. Or maybe, they have left it entirely up to you. Either way you will either need to come up with a topic completely from scratch or you will need to focus in on a specific topic.

Follow these easy tips for coming up with a strong finance topic for research paper:

  • Make sure your topic is narrow enough
  • One of the biggest mistakes that students make when coming up with the paper topic is to choose something that is much too broad to cover in the number of pages they have been assigned. It is much better to choose a narrow topic that you can explore thoroughly in your paper then to only provide a very brief and general overview of the topic. When you think you have come up with the topic see how you can make it even more narrow. One way to do this is to constrain it to a certain place, such as the country, or a certain time period, such as a decade.

  • Try to find a unique aspect of the topic or perspective on it to write about
  • In order to write your paper you will be using many different kinds of sources. It is important though, not to simply summarize the information that you have found from those sources. Instead, try to find some unique aspect of the topic or a unique perspective on it that you can write about. A good way to think about this, is that after reading your paper, your reader should have a slightly different understanding of it then they would simply by reading your sources. One of the easiest ways to come up with a unique aspect of the topic to write about is to choose some part of the topic that you find is not commonly addressed in your sources.

  • Try to shape your topic around hows and wbys rather than whats
  • When writing a paper about finance many students tend to focus more on presenting facts then on analyzing those facts. In your paper tried to explore how and why your topic is the way that it is rather than just tell about it.