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Using A Sample Of A Research Paper In MLA Format

When you are writing a paper in MLA format, or any format, one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with what is expected of you is to review a sample research paper. You can use sample research papers coupled with a few of the MLA guidebooks and some references from your school or local library to really familiarize yourself visually with what your final paper should look like and what content level is expected of you for the paper.

  1. Find a sample article
  2. Sample articles that are well written and published in your field is a good way to prepare yourself for the paper. You can read over examples to get a feel for the language that the authors use, the format of the papers, and the styles they use. You can look over the list of sources used to get an idea for what sources you might be able to use. You can see what the other authors use, and consider doing the same. If, for example, you note that one published author used personal interviews, it might get you thinking about who you could interview for your paper.

  3. Talk to your teacher
  4. If you are unsure of how you will be graded and you were not given a grade rubric, or you just don’t know what is expected of you, make an appointment to speak with your teacher about what they expect from you. Ask questions about whether they require a hard copy and/or an electronic copy, what format is expected, which sources are considered acceptable, and the page length. If none of these items are answered in the project details, the teacher may have forgotten to include them and your bringing that to their attention will not only help you, but help the class.

There are many topics related to the industry of food. You can:

  • Write an essay that explains the process for preparing your favorite food
  • Write a paper that explains how your diet has been influenced by your religious beliefs
  • Write an essay that describes some popular misunderstandings about certain foods or any myths surrounding certain foods
  • Write an essay that describes the manner in which mechanization has altered the quality of food
  • Write an essay discussing different eating disorders and what methods can be used to copy with them or to prevent them