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Twenty Good English Research Paper Topics For College

The time will come in college when you have to write quite a few essays. Sometimes the professor will give you the topic and sometimes you will need to come up with your own topics. Some of the more challenging papers will come from your English class.

When you are decide upon your topic, you can discuss some or several of the literary elements such as setting, tone, symbols, motifs, characters, and writing style. Once you pick two or three solid main points, you would then investigate and gather information for the paper.

Some tried and true topics you might want to consider for your paper are:

  1. The use of light and dark in a Shakespeare play
  2. Two characters who are foils for each other in any writing
  3. The appeal of the Dystopian novel with young people
  4. Does the novel Hunger Games belong in the classroom
  5. Compare two poets who wrote a poem on the same subject
  6. Discuss how a novel might change if the setting was changed
  7. Explore Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson, then look for other stories that have partners in them. Compare and contrast the two sets.
  8. Discuss the behavior of the dogs in Call of the Wild and compare that behavior to a human’s behaviors.
  9. Discuss Emily Dickinson and how isolation shaped her as a poet
  10. Compare the Greek Creation Myth to others in different cultures
  11. Discuss fold lore and the Gullah people
  12. Discuss Lennie’s personality from Mice and Men
  13. Explore the symbols in Great Gatsby and then discuss them
  14. Pick two poets from the Romantic period and compare and contrast them
  15. Explain how the sharks in Old Man and the Sea and like life’s obstacles
  16. Write about how many of 1984 advancements exist today
  17. Write a paper on the last five Poet Laurets
  18. Explore mythology uses in Shakespeare plays
  19. Compare and contrast two of any authors characters from different novels
  20. Explain how the Little Prince is more than a children’s tale

Some of these topics are at beginner level, some moderate, and some advanced. Make sure that you follow all the instructions for the paper. Turn the paper in by the deadline and find out if you will need sources and a Works Cited. If you do need sources, make sure to have enough. With these full-proof topics, you cannot go wrong in writing a college English paper.