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Creating Footnotes In An APA Format Research Paper

What is APA style?

APA is one of the most commonly used formats for writing papers, books and essays. It has been established by the American Psychological Association. Hence it has been used by the writers in several forms of writing of psychology and other forms of scientific papers. In fact it has now been a mandatory for anthropologist, psychiatrists to learn this style of writing while they are willing to publish any of their theory or research paper.

Let us talk about the basic style of APA.

  • General structure: This form of writing should start with a title. Then abstract, followed by main body, reference and foot notes.
  • Title page: It should contain the title of your research paper, your name and the organization in which you have studied. You can also include some information regarding your paper as an author’s note.
  • Running head: Always present on the top left side of your each and every page as a title but not of more than fifty spaces. You should mention about your running head in the title page. For example if the you thesis topic is, “A research based on the Indian education system and U.S.A education system” then your running head should be something like “difference in education system”.
  • Abstract: It is one of the most important parts of your writing. It contains a brief 150-200 words summary about your entire research paper. It includes points like the reasons behind your research, the methodology you have followed and some conclusions that you can draw.
  • Main body: It will contain the entire details of your project. All the information along with points, clauses and proofs should be presented over here in the right manner.
  • Foot notes: Now this has been the talk of our topic.

What is a foot note?

It is a note or some texts placed at the bottom of each line or at the end of the whole project which provides author’s comment on the main text or the reference for a similar work on that particular topic.

Footnotes follow some specific rule in AN APA format

  1. Inserting a number in the form of a subscript.
  2. The word which has been marked with a number should be followed by a punctuation mark.
  3. To be kept in mind that the foot note number should not have dashes (-) after them.
  4. If they are in parenthesis then the foot note number should be in parenthesis too.