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Selecting Unique Law Research Paper Topics

The legal field is an interesting one. Aspects of law related professions have become the cornerstone of many popular television shows as a result of this. People’s lives are dictated by the laws of the lands in which they reside. As much as it is useful to be constantly bombarded with the law, it can also make you think that all the best topics have already been used. Thankfully, you would be wrong in that assumption. If you want to select unique research topics in law, consider the following:

Changing public opinions

Many things that are now legal were once illegal. This is because the public concept of morality changes over time. Think of the way that female adultery was once dealt with by the law (and remember that in some countries similar laws persist and are enforced). Look at public debates and ask yourself how the law can be adjusted so it more closely matches the views of the populace.

What everyone else is doing

If you aren’t looking into the trends, you may find yourself accidentally doing research that has been thoroughly exhausted by others. Keep these cliche topics in mind so that you don’t fall into that trap yourself.

Here are some interesting topics thar might be up your alley:

  1. What legal arguments exist for the continuation of slavery and how can these be successfully shut down by legislation?

  2. How can the planet Earth be given legal status in all countries in keeping with the precedent set in Bolivia?

  3. Are other rights being infringed upon by legislature that criminalizes the use and sale of certain drugs?

  4. Can a legal argument be made for the total cessation of taxation in countries for which this represents a small fraction of GDP?

  5. Should the legislation on sexual consent be changed to reflect intellect rather than chronological age?

  6. How do the laws of land tenure interact with the rights of human beings to shelter and dignity?

  7. Can it be argued that the need for being called to the bar violates the rights of otherwise qualified attorneys?

  8. Should nations join forces to create a single, planet wide legal system for ease of use?

  9. Does the illegality of abortion in some states violate the rights of women to control their own bodies?

  10. Should animals with intelligence on par with or above that of humans be allowed the same rights as humans?

Try any of them on for size and see if they inspire you.