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How To Find Research Paper Examples In The MLA Style: Basic Tips To Follow

There are three main styles of writing that are used in colleges. Students may have to write in Chicago, MLA or APA style depending on the subject or the professor. MLA style is typically used in humanities and liberal arts classes. If the student is unfamiliar with MLA style, they should look up a research paper and use it as an example.

Basic Guidelines

Before turning in the paper, students should make sure that it is formatted correctly. In general, MLA style papers must be double spaced in a font like Times New Roman. The teacher may specify the font, but they will normally request a font size of 12 pt. In addition, the paper should have margins that measure one inch around all of the sides. It should be printed on standard printing paper.

Students should make sure that there is only one space after each period in their writing. The beginning line of a paragraph should be indented using a tab key instead of five spaces. On each page, the student should use a header that is located in the upper right-hand corner. This header will contain the page number and the author's name. Depending on the class, specific header requirements may be needed.

Works Cited

In MLA style, students create a works cited for the last page of their essay. This section is similar to a bibliography or sources list. In this portion of the paper, the student will list all of the sources that they used alphabetically. Since the formatting of each type of source is extremely specific, students should look up an example before they try to do it on their own.

Ask for Help

To get started on this writing assignment, students should ask someone else for help. A professor may be able to offer an example or advise during their office hours. Likewise, a fellow classmate or older sibling can offer examples of their old term papers. For additional guidance, students can always visit the college's tutoring center. They should look up the tutoring center's hours and see if they have to make an appointment first.

Other than traditional offline sources, students can always find examples of MLA style online. There are websites that cater exclusively to academic writing. On these sites, students can find free examples from a variety of different subjects. They can sort through these essays to find a specific topic or use one of the first documents that they find.