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10 Interesting HR Term Paper Topics To Write About

Term paper writing

Writing a term paper can turn out to be very challenging sometimes because it involves a lot of hard work. Students usually face troubles in attempting those term papers, which are not interesting for them. If you are supposed to write about something you feel passionate about then you will find it very easy to accomplish. However, whether you like it or not you have to attempt your term papers without any choice. Students who are studying business as a subject in their university and college will most probably need to submit a term paper in HR management. Human resource is one of the most interesting areas of business studies. It typically deals with the labor force, their hiring, and the cut down, job satisfaction, motivational theories, and all.

The topic of your paper

The topic of your term paper is the first thing the readers will see about your paper. It should be very clear and precise so that the reader does not have to guess or assume what your paper is about.

10 interesting topics for your term paper

  1. Discuss human resource management in small and medium enterprises, how is it different than companies operating on a large scale?
  2. What is the impact of information and technology on human resource management, discuss the limitations and opportunities separately
  3. How do demographics play an important role for analysis of the workforce? What strategy is used to break down stereotypes and grouping in labor force?
  4. Under what circumstances should a company think about outsourcing to less developed countries, what are the ideal strategies to make the most out of outsourcing?
  5. What is a business corporate culture and human resource ethics? Discuss the key factors that have an impact on these ethics and moral codes
  6. What is environmental scanning in terms of human resource management? How is it done and what are its uses?
  7. How much of a company’s total budget should be allocated to the HR department? Support your answer with logical reasoning and facts
  8. How do you forecast the supply and demand of the labor force
  9. What is the ideal Human resource allocation plan for acquisitions and mergers?
  10. What does a labor look for in job? How does the HR department or manager calculate the level of satisfaction, job loyalty, and commitment to the company?