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Academic Writing Tips: Topics For Argumentative Research Papers

Here are ten writing tips to incorporate when picking a subject for an argumentative research paper:

  • Tip #1: Need to take time to select the best subject matter for the argumentative research paper.
  • Tip #2: Always good to have at least three ideas for the topic just in case one does not work for you.
  • Tip #3: Always complete a preliminary outline of the chosen subject to determine if it will be a good fit for the paper.
  • Tip #4: It is okay to change the subject matter of the research paper in the early stages of writing it.
  • Tip #5: The topic chosen for the research paper should include the positive points and negative points of the argument on the topic.
  • Tip #6: The writer of the argumentative paper should always include the pros and cons of their viewpoint on the subject matter.
  • Tip #7: Try not to pick a subject matter that is too controversial in nature.
  • Tip #8: The subject matter chosen for the argumentative paper should be one that can be debated easily.
  • Tip #9: Choose a topic that can be debated well and will keep the attention of the targeted reader.
  • Tip #10: The subject chosen for the research paper has to have enough research materials to take notes on it.

Places to find great topics for an argumentative research paper:

  • The social media sites are the best places to find excellent topics for an argumentative paper.
  • The current news is also an excellent arena to find awesome subjects for an argumentative paper.
  • Can use one’s personal experience as a good topic for the research paper.
  • Can find good topics from the course materials for an argumentative paper.
  • Whatever subject matter one chooses for the argumentative paper has to be a little controversial and can be debated.

Here are some interesting subjects or topics that will be awesome to write about in an argumentative research paper:

  • Was the Ebola outbreak: naturally made vs. man-made experiment?
  • Who is to blame for the state of the politics in America: Democrats vs. Republicans?
  • Who is to blame for the state of the economy in the USA: Democrats vs. Republicans?
  • Why is it difficult for Congress and the President of the USA to work together to get work done?
  • Is the Affordable Care Act good or bad for the current healthcare system of the USA?