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How To Сhoose An Appropriate Term Paper Format: Helpful Advice 

When writing a research paper, you should keep to a specific format. There are many of them, and it may seem like rather a daunting task to decide what particular style to use. Mostly, only two of the existing formats are advised for you to follow in academic writing. These are MLA format (represented by the Modern Language Association) and APA format (suggested by the American Psychological Association). Of course, you may settle on Harvard or Chicago style, but that would be more of an exception than a rule. To choose an appropriate format for your term paper, make use of the following advice:

  1. Check with your instructor.
  2. Your teacher may ask you to write the paper using a particular format. It may be indicated in the syllabus, mentioned in the course assignment, or simply told in class. Sometimes, it is better that you ask your instructor about what style he or she would prefer. If there are no requirements, choose the format yourself.

  3. Keep to the standards of your discipline.
  4. If you are specialized in humanities, the MLA style should be picked. On the contrary, the APA style is utilized mainly for social sciences.

  5. Pay attention to the style of your paper.
  6. If you are to review sources in your research paper and raise an argument on the bases of ideas you discovered, consider using the MLA format. In an MLA formatted paper, there is no separate title page. You should simply state your name, date, and course at the left of the first page; and the title of your paper on the center below. Afterwards, go on with the body of your writing. There are not any specific demands as to the division of your paper into sections, and you may use any headings or subheadings wherever you like. It is very convenient to use the MLA style for argumentative research papers because your discussion can be led into the direction of your choice.

    However, if you want to provide the results of some experiment you conducted for your research paper, it is better that the APA format be used. An APA formatted paper has specific sections that will help show your findings in the best light. They are: literature review, methods, findings, and the discussion. When keeping to this structure, you’ll be able to not only represent the results of your work, but also explain their value for the future research in this field.