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5 Goof-Proof Ideas For Writing An MLA Style Research Paper

Writing a research paper is quite a demanding task because of the efforts involved. Students need to carry out extensive research to compose an effective paper. Research papers are different from ordinary academic assignments because they are for high-level grades and need to follow a formal writing style. Different schools and universities have different specifications and requirements for research papers formatting and structure. If a student needs to write a paper about general sciences or particularly psychology subjects then he will follow the APA writing style. MLA is the other major format, which is used for math and science subjects. Some universities and professors also have their custom requirements for completing a research paper. Students need to pay attention when the teacher is mentioning the requirements for the research paper so that they can follow it properly.

If you are to write a research paper following the MLA style then you need to make sure it meets all the requirements of a standard MLA paper. You can find these sample MLA style papers on the internet or an MLA guidebook. If you think that is confusing for you, you can also find guidelines on how to format your paper using the MLA style. When you have these, you can note down instructions on a clean paper and follow them for your paper. Here is what you need to do if you have an MLA style formatting paper

Complete the writing process first

Before you start the formatting process, you need to have your complete paper so that you can format. It is important that you have this in a soft copy so that you can easily edit this in Microsoft word. Copy the soft copy of your paper in Microsoft word and start formatting it according to the MLA style. Keep a track of the formatting guidelines so that you can follow them in your paper.

The header and the titles

Each page in your paper should have a running header on the top right corner in your paper. It should be one and a half inch below the top and next to the right margin

The margins

Your paper should be one-inch margin on all sides.

The citation rules

The citation should include all the sources in your paper.

Font size and type

You should use a font, which is easily readable and can be distinguished from italics.