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Getting a proofread example of a research paper in MLA format

Having an example of a proofread paper would be very helpful whether you are doing your own proofreading or considering hiring a proof reader. You can look at the before and after to see what the proof reader was looking for and how they handled the corrections. For proofreading your own research paper, you could use the same strategy they did. If you are looking for a proof reader to hire from an online company, examples of their work will show you how thorough they would be in doing your paper.

Proofreading a research paper would potentially check for several different things. For example, when using MLA style, underlining is no longer required in the new edition of the MLA handbook. Titles are now italicized instead. Another change is the discontinuation of using URLs in citations. Because URLs have a tendency to change, the MLA style now only requires a web address if the reader wouldn’t be able to find the source any other way.

Before proofreading is done:

  • Make larger revisions
  • Leave corrections at the word or sentence level until larger revisions are done
  • Have a list or know what to look for

Proofread examples can be used in the following way:

  • Compare the essay before and after. What kinds of mistakes were corrected? Check for the same things on your research paper.
  • Check for the way citations were made and what errors were discovered in the proofreading.
  • Work from a printout if possible to help you see what types of errors were repeated.
  • Were there punctuation errors that may be lurking in your paper?
  • When checking an electronic version of your research paper, you can use the find function to look for mistakes common to your writing. For example if you know you commonly confuse their, there and they’re you can search for them and make sure all usages are correct.

Where can you obtain proofread examples?

Online writing companies will often offer proofreading examples at no charge. They may even proofread 1 or 2 pages of your essay at no cost so you can see what their service has to offer. This is a great way to obtain proofread examples especially if you are interested in hiring a writing service to do your proofreading for you. You could even get an example from more than one site and compare their services.