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Brilliant Topics For House Of Commons Research Papers

The House of Commons is an elected group of government officials in the United Kingdom. This is an elite group of individuals voted by the UK public to help provide solutions to related public interests. This group includes over 600 people who help create laws and policies. This provides an enormous amount of elements to consider when creating topics for a research paper.

  1. What is so significant about the House of Commons? How has it helped the UK public live more productively?
  2. Who was the first woman elected and what did she help do?
  3. What was the first bill that was turned into law? Has the law stayed in affected and if so, what changes have been made to it?
  4. What is the process for funding a bill? What happens when a bill gets rejected? What are bills that have faced multiple rejects?
  5. What are statistics people may not know about the House of Commons?
  6. What was the longest parliament session to date? What was the issue and did it ever get resolved?
  7. How has the voting system changed over the years for the public to vote for new committee members?
  8. Are there issues constituents would like to see be placed before the House of Commons that seem to lack attention?
  9. What are some of the most important issues facing the House of Commons today?
  10. Do you think more people are interested in what is being discussed thanks to social media?
  11. If you could help run the House of Commons what would you change about the bill/law process? Do you think it takes too long or it costs too much to make a new law?
  12. What is the role of a principal officer? How do they fit into the House of Commons administration?
  13. Do you think enough information is made available to the general public about sessions that go on with the House of Commons?
  14. What are jobs people are interested in at the House of Commons? What are some of the highest paid careers and why?
  15. What are lectures and events you would like to see more often conducted by the House of Commons? Do you think they help people understand the history and how the House has helped shape their communities?