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What Topic Is Good for My Research Paper in Biology?

Biology is a broad subject that focuses studies on the growth, function, structure, and evolution of living things in the world. The multitude of sub-topics might make it difficult to narrow down and choose a topic for your research paper. Here are some good topic ideas that might get your creative juices flowing:

  • Growth Hormones: This broad topic can take on any aspect of the chemicals that flow through the human body. What effects to certain hormones have on the proper function of the human body?
  • Human Cloning: this is a controversial topic that lends itself to some ethical discussions. What are the possibilities of human cloning and how far away or how close are we to seeing this as a reality? What uses should one expect with human cloning?
  • Plant Pathology: Diseases in plants have a tremendous effect on the eco-systems of the world. What can we learn about these diseases and how involved they are in changes we see in our environment?
  • Immune System in Humans: How has the immune system evolved in the past century? What can be reasonably expected from this essential defense against disease? Can we expect that many of today’s epidemics, such as cancer, will one day be effectively fought off by an evolved or highly developed immune system?
  • Viruses and Global Diseases: Viruses mutate and evolve at extraordinarily high rates, making it challenging to develop effective cures or anti-bodies to counter their spread around the world. In the wake of recent news what can we learn about where a virus originates and how is spreads?
  • Organic v Non-Organic: What are the actual health benefits of organic foods over non-organic? Do these health benefits warrant the high cost of these food choices, or are the benefits so small that people might be overpaying without reason?
  • Stem Cell Research: This is another controversial topic that can be approached from a number of views. If stem cell research can potentially pave the way for cures and effective treatments of a number of today’s diseases, why are so many opposed to its funding?
  • Poisons in Organisms: Many living organisms have developed natural defenses from predators by way of poisons and toxins they carry. Can these poisons ever be harnessed to create medications or treatments for other types of health problems people encounter?
  • Muscular System: How do voluntary and involuntary muscular systems work together to efficiently keep a body moving. What potentialities exist in the treatment of many muscular-based diseases?