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Selecting Interesting History Topics For A Research Paper

Your history research topic should meet both your course requirements and your personal interests. Additionally, it should be rich in accessible materials, and hence not overly difficult to explore. Here are several examples of interesting and feasible research topics for both American and world history.

  • The Boston Tea Party.
  • Although it is one of the most often discussed event among students, this topic is still interesting for a history research paper because it deals with an event that has greatly shaped American history. Take a stance on whether dumping the tea was necessary, and whether there was a more efficient way to begin the revolution. You may also look at one of the minor aspects that are seldom considered, e. g. the reasons for the activists to dress as Native Americans.

  • The Bill of Rights.
  • Produce an overview of how this document works in the 21st century, and what the most important modifications it has undergone since its enactment are. Alternatively, focus on one amendment and discuss whether it is still relevant today.

  • The Civil War.
  • The Civil War is a very broad subject of which many interesting history topics can be singled out. Discuss the causes of war (and whether it was inevitable), its effects on slavery and slaves, Reconstruction, or the KKK.

  • The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears.
  • As one of the most controversial events in American history, it can make a great topic for a research paper, especially if you are interested in Native American history and rights. This topic is rich in primary sources. To make your research more in-depth and unique, you may also find and interview people whose ancestors walked the Trail of Tears.

  • World War I.
  • Discuss the causes of war, or the relationship between this war in Europe and the economic boom in the U.S. during the early 1920s.

  • World War II.
  • The most interesting subtopics of this vast theme include the Pearl Harbor incident, Japanese internment, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • The Vietnam War.
  • It is a virtually inexhaustible source of history research topics, especially in various aspects of anti-war movements.

  • China’s history.
  • Focus on a single event in the large and diverse history of this country, e. g. Mao’s Long March or the Opium Wars.

  • Russia’s history.
  • Another country that is particularly easy to explore is Russia. Discuss the Russian Revolution or the collapse of the Soviet Union. Additionally, you can produce a great paper by looking at the Cold War from the Russian point of view.