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List Of Unique Research Paper Topics In English Literature

Writing a research paper topic on literature is very easy if you love reading books. There are so many different topics that you can work on that sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. You simply cannot select one over the other. You can also become confused on what angel should you focus on. This is very common among students and often they get poor grades for their research paper because they did not select the right topic.

By exploring the right topic you will be able to bring out the best angels and summaries that will get you good grades. Also the topics here have enough information on the web so that you do not find yourself helpless. You will have to read the piece of literature on which the paper will be based and also some of the writings by the critics to understand what the author actually meant. You can also form your own conclusions.

Here is a list of unique topics that you can base your paper on:

  • How is Julius Caesar written by Shakespeare still relevant in modern day politics? Do you feel it is as truer today as it was thousands of years ago.

  • How did Charles Dickens’s experience as a boy help him in writing David Copperfield? Does the novel reflect the writer’s own life story?

  • How did the romantic poets get influenced by the social and political atmosphere of their times.

  • The origin and development of the language through the centuries.

  • A detailed description of the imagist movement that changed English literature.

  • The difference in the literature from north to South America. Portray the difference.

  • How some of the colonial nations contributed in the development of English literature.

  • Today there are less British speaking English than people of other races, how did it come to be?

  • The difference between Victorian literature and modern English.

  • Challenges faced by a non-native English speaker. How can a person master English as his second language?

  • Explain how an author’s works are inspired by the time he lives in. Discuss the social and political impact on any one prominent writer’s work.

  • Write the life story and development of character in a female author. How did she find inspiration wrote great tales?

  • Does Macbeth bring about his own doom in the play written by Shakespeare?

There are many other research paper topics that you can easily find by visiting your college library.