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10 Fresh Computer Science Research Paper Topics

Computer science courses are constantly changing. The early days of computer science involved learning how to plug in computers and write basic programs. Now, computer science courses look at social media, search engines, and complex coding. Since the world of computers is evolving at a faster rate than the educational world can keep up with, students have plenty of options for fresh computer science research paper topics. Here are 10 interesting topics for your next computer science research paper:

  1. Cloud computing:
  2. When is the last time you saw someone use a USB drive? Everyone is moving into the cloud. With this topic, you could look at the pros and cons of the cloud and maybe even investigate what the next step will be.

  3. Coding and schools:
  4. Should schools teach coding? If they do, what would coding classes replace? Is it more important to teach children how to write programs rather than write essays? This topic is so fresh that many schools have not even begun to assess the pros and cons of adding coding to the school day.

  5. Graphics and computer games:
  6. Where are these going next? Graphics on computer games have become extremely realistic. When will they become more than realistic? What does it take to get there? Who will lead the pack?

  7. Operating systems:
  8. What the future of the operating system? When will competing operating systems become friends with each other? How does someone choose one OS over another?

  9. Biology and computer security:
  10. What is the next step? How can our biology help us keep our computers secure?

  11. Mobile computing:
  12. Will the smartphone replace the computer? What about the laptop or the tablet?

  13. Data mining:
  14. Is this legal? How does it affect online security? How are algorithms used to mine data for everything from sports to celebrity gossip to political information? Who uses all that data? Where does it all go?

  15. Computer architecture:
  16. How do we build the best computer? What do we need to craft smaller and more portable computers? How do we get computers to use less electricity?

  17. Artificial intelligence:
  18. This topic is controversial and very interesting. How do machines learn? Do we ever want computers to be able to learn? What are the latest developments in AI?

  19. Computers in third-world countries:
  20. We think of computers as everyday objects in our lives in first-world countries. How are computers used in third-world countries? What can be done to improve computer access in a country that is being developed?