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Research Paper Topics In Neurology: 20 Outstanding Suggestions

Neurology is an interesting subject because it can reveal top secrets of human kind to you when you study it with passion. Even though a research paper is lengthy and complicated, but you can create an effective paper when you have an interest in the topic

Interesting research paper topics in neurology

If you are having a tough time in choosing a unique and engaging topic for your paper in neurology, then you should consider some of the following suggestions. Remember that these are not the final topic and only aim to provide you some ideas to begin your assignment. You can edit and alter them based on your preferences and sources for data collection

  1. How does memory work and what is the earliest memory a human brain can recall
  2. Can we really have a control of what we dream and how we dream
  3. Problem solving while sleeping is a hot debate for neuroscience
  4. The difference between the thoughts and actions of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind
  5. What causes multiple sclerosis and how to identify it
  6. How does the echolocation work in activating the visual parts of human brain
  7. What do we know about the early brain evolution and how true is it
  8. The brain waves pattern can tell if the person will recall his dreams when he is up from sleep
  9. The advancements in artificial intelligence have surpassed the estimate we had for machines
  10. An interesting study of the spy crows created by the US military to locate the missing soldiers
  11. The relationship between the size of a brain and intelligence of the individual
  12. Gut bacteria influencing our thoughts and actions
  13. What causes post traumatic depression
  14. What is OCD and how would a doctor treat a patient of OCD
  15. Is it safe and ethical to give anti-depressants to mental patients rather than counseling them properly
  16. The history of sleep deprivation and head injuries
  17. People who are happy in their lives tend to sleep less, opposing the old myths of sleep deprivation and stress
  18. The functioning of several body organs disturbed by the malfunctioning of brain in a hyperactive mode
  19. What alcohol and drugs do to your brain
  20. Why do people incline towards criminal acts, and irrational behavior when they are intoxicated