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5 Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper: Things To Remember

Are you worried as your teacher has asked you to write a research paper and you are failing to compose it? Then here are a few tips that will help you in creating a good paper.


Introduction is the easiest but most important section. It is important to understand the purpose of writing the introduction. This section should be as much précised as one can do. All information that you are going to tell your reader should be listed here either in term of paragraphs or just by listing the information. Try to divide your introduction in as many paragraphs as you can. Do not explain more than one informative point in one paragraph. To make your paper more genuine, one should add correct statistical analysis.

Selection of the topic

Selection of the topic is very important. If you have selected a topic that is of your interest, then it would be easier to collect data and to write on it.

Focus on format

Include headings, subheadings, definitions, relevant information, tables, and graphs, divide your information in paragraphs. Bold the point that you want to tell your reader. Do not follow an illogical order. Always try to follow a pattern or format. For example, introduction should be written in the first paragraph and summary should be written in the last paragraph.

Following the order

Without following a logical order, no one can create a perfect research paper. Remember, always follow an appropriate order.

What to do and what to not

  • Try to be detailed in anyway. If your topic is related to biology, you should use biological terms. Another important thing, name the things, solutions that you tested i.e. beakers, tubes or the solution that you used.
  • Referring is healthy.
  • Use different headings to describe your method
  • Add references as citation makes your document valid
  • Follow the instructions properly
  • Add tables and graphs
  • Avoid including unrequired details
  • Arrange the data
  • Support your thesis statement in results
  • Enlist the experimental details, objects, figures, graphs and tables
  • Do not provide any wrong information or wrong statistic report

Always Proofread

Do you know, why is proofreading important? It helps you in correcting your mistakes. Just by reading your writing twice or thrice, you get to see a number of mistakes that can be grammatical or spelling errors.

Editing should be done in the end

When you are in a flow of writing, you should not stop and keep on writing until your mind empties all information. Do not take errors in account, as it should be done in the editing phase. Pick a highlighter and keep on underlining all your mistakes