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Good Topics For Research Papers In Biology

The study of living organisms that is called biology is a wonderful subject.  We use biology to study the all the characteristics of these organisms including behavior, anatomy, origin, physiology, and other traits.  When you are looking for good topics to do on your biology research paper, you want to start with a board topic and then narrow that down.  I’m going to give you some board topics that you can use as starting points for your biology topic.

Biology Research Paper Topics

  • Is there a link between obesity and genetics?  Some people argue that obesity is a inherit trait but what if it is just a poor diet and lifestyle set by their parents or if it’s a gene that we can study and find a cure for this disease.
  • There are debates on whether abortions should be legal or illegal but how does having an abortion effect a person’s future pregnancies?  We know that having this can have negative consequences but what are they and who is at more risk.
  • Are traits like homosexuality genetic?  There have been some recent studies that have covered this subject and you can review the research and decide if this is genetic or people just trying to explain something that they know little about.
  • Alternative medicines, do they really work?  People now days are looking for natural ways to cure their aliments but do these herbs, really better than modern medicine or are they more harmful.
  • Cancer and the environmental causes.  Every time you turn around something else is being linked to causing cancer but what environmental causes should be scared of or are we just relying on the news to tell us we are all going to get it one day.
  • Pick a genetic disease.  You can do down syndrome, autism, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s, and so on. Studying a specific disease is a good topic to do for your biology research paper.
  • What is the cause of phobias?  Everyone has that one thing that they hate but some people can become can be come crippled with fear so much that is causes severe anxiety but why do people have phobias.  What happens in the human brain during one of these episodes?
  • Do hypnosis really work or is it just a parlor trick?  You can look at the biological angle of this or find out if it’s real or just in the person’s head.