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How to Find a Good Research Paper Methods Section Example

A well -written methods section is important for the paper. It is a way of validating the paper and the experiment that is being written about. The significance of the methods section is that it should be written so completely that any researcher can duplicate the experiment with no problems. In other words, it should be clear enough that the reader is not confused about what went on in the experiment. To make sure that happens, looking at examples of methods sections from other research papers is key. So how do you go about doing that? Here are some ways on how to find good examples.

  1. Internet search
  2. Using the Internet is a good place to start. The search will provide you with myriad examples from universities across the country as well as how-to websites. If the paper needs to in a certain style, using the Internet will also help in finding those examples. This will make sure that the entire paper is complete.

  3. Library books
  4. There are library books out there that aid in writing a really good research paper. These books make sure to include all the different types of writing styles so just reading about the style that your research paper is about is as easy as flipping to the desired page. The examples are coming from these books, along with the writing tips, will be helpful.

  5. Ask Librarian’s help
  6. This goes hand-in-hand with using library books. Asking the librarian for help will expedite your search for either book or online sources. She does know more about the library than you would. She could also provide you with access to other databases in the library that you otherwise would not know about.

  7. Published articles/Journals
  8. There is no better way of getting a feel for how to write than looking at examples of research papers that have already gone through the process of being reviewed, rejected, revised and finally accepted. These peer-reviewed journals could easily be found either through Internet search or with the help of your librarian. However, since there are so many articles out there, make sure to look at one or many that pertain to not only the category of research you are doing but also to the same writing style. By doing this, your methods section should be complete and concise.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance in anything. Just use any of the mentioned sources to find examples if you are unsure about how to format the section in the paper.