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Using MLA Format when Writing a Research Paper

If you are tasked with an MLA style paper that just means that your instructor wants you o format the pages and present them in a particular way. The same way that chefs have to cook a certain way and doctors have to dress a certain way writers have to follow a set of rules for their final document.

  • The document settings should be 12 point font.
  • The information should be double spaced.
  • The document should have one inch margins.
  • Your page header should include your name and a page number in the right hand corner of every page
  • There should be a title block at the beginning which lists the title and the assignment information such as your course and university
  • There should be no comma between the author name and the page number for the citations.
  • There should be periods and commas placed outside of the quotes in your text.
  • You need a works cited page wherein the items are sorted alphabetically.

You can get a guide on proper citation format for MLA sources online or from your school library or writing center.

Most word processing programs have default settings for the margin as well as line height and paragraph spacing. These defaults may need adjusting for the MLA format but may not.

  • All around the text should be one inch margins.
  • The line height should be 2.0 (also known as double spaced).
  • There should be no extra spaces after each paragraph.
  • The typeface (or font) should be 12 point in size and often Times New Roman

As for the header you need to include a page number and your last name at the top right hand corner of each page. You can use an automatic page number function to enter page numbers starting on the first page with a right hand side justification. Then you can click within the header and type your name.

As for the title block you will need to include the following information on the top left hand side of the first page:

First name and last name

Professor name

Course title


This information should be double spaced the same as the rest of your document. The font should be the same as the rest of your document as well. Do not put an extra space above the title or below it.