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What Obesity Topics Can Be Good Enough To Write About For A Research Paper?

Obesity is basically understood to be a condition in which an individual carries abnormally high amounts of fat on their body. Generally speaking, if your body weight is comprised of 20% or more fatty tissue, you are likely considered obese. Left unchecked, obesity can lead to a wide variety of medical issues, many of them serious, and a few that could be fatal.

Unfortunately, obesity is a growing problem around the world. Sadly, it is affecting more children than anyone else. Some experts say that this the youth of today are unlikely to live as long as their parents. This is largely due to a lack of exercise, improper diet and the obesity that results.

Obesity was once primarily a “disease” that affected only the wealthy, developed countries of the “First World”. Nowadays, every nation has a fairly well-developed middle class with a considerable amount of disposable income. Increasingly, youth in Asia and Africa are developing tastes and habits that mimick those of young people in the richest countries. Fast food, overeating, and a sedentary lifestyle are some of our bad habits that others are picking up.

If you are considering composing a research paper on obesity, you will have no shortage of topics from which to choose. Selecting one that is a suitable subject for a research paper will take a little time. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of areas that are in need of good research and well-written papers. Here are some ideas where you may want to start:

  • Does The Government Have A Role To Play In The Fight Against Obesity?
  • Some local governments have banned candy and soda pop vending machines in schools. Is this a necessary step in the battle of the bulge? Or are our elected officials infringing on our right to choose?

  • What Role Does Eating Behaviour Play In Obesity?
  • Are we more (or less) likely to become obese if we share meals with family and friends? How effective are calorie-restricted diets at reducing obesity? If I have dinner with an obese person, am I likely to eat more, or less?

  • Do Restaurants Have A Role To Play In Reducing Obesity Rates?
  • Should restaurants be banned from using certain unhealthy ingredients? This has already happened with trans-fats in certain states in America. Do we as consumers have a right to a healthy, well-balanced meal at every eating establishment in the country? Or do eating establishments have a right to serve whatever sells?